Here’s some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about? Is this each member’s new band?

As it says in the bio, this was a project that LT and Ricky have been talking about doing for more than a decade that’s now come to fruition, and they invited Tim and Rob to join in on the recording process. This is absolutely not anyone’s “new band” – every member has their own main projects which will take priority over Blackened Angel.

Will Blackened Angel play live?

Extremely unlikely. Aside from each member’s busy schedule with their main projects, it’s a matter of logistics. Ricky lives 1200 kilometers away from the rest of the band in the Australian outback, and he is also completely blind, so organising to get everyone in the same place is hard as it is. But that said, if the demand is great enough, nothing is impossible.

Will this same line-up appear on future Blackened Angel releases?

There are no solid plans to continue as this line up; everyone enjoys working together, however, so it’s entirely likely that any future albums will also be with the same line-up.

Where can I get your albums?

The debut album is available from our ONLINE STORE or digitally from CD BABY (and their distributors, eg: iTunes, etc.) as a digital purchase. Other physical and digital retailers will follow in early 2014.