What do you get if you cross the brutal old-school death/thrash metal sound of Serenity Defiled with the precise epic melodic metal sound of LORD? Rhythm guitarist Ricky Boon and vocalist/lead guitarist Lord Tim wondered this as well.

Ricky and LT grew up together in the outback country town of Broken Hill and had numerous collaborations together. Although they always focused on their own projects (at the time being Fury and Dungeon) first and foremost, they often would talk about combining their respective styles into a hybrid side-project, but due to each person’s hectic schedule with their main projects, this would inevitably be sidelined.

Until now.

While taking a break from touring and recording with LORD, LT was producing Serenity Defiled’s “Where Chaos Reigns” album and talks inevitably came around to discussing this side-project once again, and this time solid plans were set in motion to make this collaboration a reality.

LT and Ricky enlisted the help of ex-LORD/Dungeon drummer and current Germ mastermind Tim Yatras, and Carbon Black (ex-Nekrofeist) bassist Rob Giles to be the project’s rhythm section. Songs were quickly demoed, recording began and what originally started as a small side-project collaboration evolved into an epic two-album concept piece, complete with film score like orchestrations giving it a massive scale, far beyond the core thrash/black/death/power metal sound.

Blackened Angel’s debut album “Chronicles Of Damnation” is available now in the ONLINE STORE with widespread distribution and promotion planned for early 2014.