I’ve seen empires rise and time and wars turned them to dust
I’ve been a leader of men, I watched them crumble into rust
I’ve known the great despair of losing all that made you whole
And shown the power I hold, as forces battle for my soul

I am the chosen one, the last
Yet I am alone
Won’t kneel for any man or god
Immortal victor, only one
Now I am alone
I am free yet still a slave to time
And I am alone

I was enslaved, too blind to see that all this power was a lie
A pawn in a madman’s game, Heaven and Earth condemned to die
Too late I realised I was nothing but a slave
Rose up, dark deicide, alone but free now of my chains

I was the chosen one, the last
Now I am alone
Boundless power, cursed to be a god
Eternal servitude to time
All on my own
I know what must be done; return
To find my way back home…

And so it ends.