Campaign Of Death

“And so began a millenium of slaughter.
The dark armies spread across the lands
in what was to become known as the campaign of death.”

Deadly horde, unholy Lord, we spread across the land
Millenniums of silence passed, the time is now at hand
No obstacle to stop us, we have overthrown the light
Endless pain, let darkness reign, embrace eternal night

They are crying
They are dying

Bodies burn as steel turns and renders flesh and bone
Dismebering the mortal world, destruction stone by stone
Women plead and children bleed and all are put to death
Prayers in vain, they die in pain and take their final breath

Marching on, the campaign long, the brutal war ascends
Corpses line the battlefields, the carnage never ends
None withstand the dark lord’s hand, the power hungry lust
Seas of red, we crush the dead and grind them into dust