Civil War

Blitz attack on the gates of hell
Streams of black engulf the fire
Caught off guard and the sentries fall
Smash the walls as we penetrate

No more shall we be the pawns
Just a piece in the Dark Lord’s puzzle
Rip free from our servitude
Destroying all who dare oppose

Servants now never more
Rise up for civil war
Free will we’re fighting for
Rise up for civil war

Raging through the Dark Lord’s lands
Hail the cry of The Blackened Angel
Ten to one we face our match
But all succumb to the renegades

Savage fighting, brutal death
Scores are lost by opposing armies
Dark blood stains the grounds of hell
Thousands fight and thousands die


Fight! The bloody death toll never ends
Brothers turn upon their own
And friends now slaughter former friends

Die! A former empire now implodes
War until no one is left to fight
The Blackened Angel stands before the throne

The Angel Black and Dark Lord stand
No man left across the lands
But the chosen one and unholy god
A singing sword and the world has now gone black