Dark Victory

Fires blazing, banners fly
Rotting corpses piled around us
Pure blood flows, putrid wine
Feast of flesh, unholy banquet

Vicious battle, countless dead
To the victors: spoils and riches
A thousand lifetimes now history
New chapter opens here tonight

Fires in the night
Songs of victory
Pyres for the white
Now that all lay cold and dead

Cries to the skies
Songs of victory
Dark horde arise
A world now turned to red

Profane dances, ancient songs
Carnal sins around the firelight
Maggots feasting, a stench of death
Golden throne caked with black blood

Now a leader: The Angel Black
Made a saviour, the chosen master
Unholy minions rally ’round
Drink to future conquests won

Feast is over, embers glow
East horizon, red dawn rising
Generals massing, plans unfurled
And so begins The Campaign of Death

Rid the world of the mortal filth
Gather ’round The Blackened Angel
Sound the war horns, the battle cry
Dark horde again defiles the sky