Heaven’s Fall

Striking from the darkness
Swift and deadly might
Engulf the golden fortress
With death and dark of night

Crushing all before us
The battle now at hand
Savage war of vengeance
Kill all where they stand

Slashing, burning, ripping, hate
The hordes of hell ascend

Merciless and vicious
The battle rages on
The holy war of legend
The prophecy of one

Black meets white
The sky turns red
Stand and fight
‘Til all lay dead


Chaos all around us
Bodies in the flames
Screams of dying soldiers
Crying out in pain

The lord of darkness rises
Snuffing out the sun
His shadow falls upon us
A reign of fire begun

Begging, pleading, crying, pray
The time of white must end

Praying to their master
Now feeling all alone
The King of Light defeated
And torn down from His throne

“My brothers,
For too long we have been forced to hide,
cast down into the flames.

But the time has come to rise up and
reclaim what it rightly ours.

The dark lord has spoken: he is the chosen one.
Now follow the black, onwards to VICTORY!”

Now the fighting’s over
And silence fills the air
Dismembered limbs and bloodied wings
And corpses everywhere

The golden walls of heaven
Now stained with holy blood
Once mighty Lord impaled on sword
And body left to rot

Fire and flames and profane names
Of wings and white now black

With heaven draped in crimson
And claimed now as our own
The lord of darkness smiles
As He takes His captured throne

Black meets white
The sky turned red
Stand and fight
Now all lay dead