Realisation (The Army Of The Black)

As I walked away
Footsteps echoed in the vast and deserted hall
What a price to pay
Endless power yet these cold walls reflect what’s inside
False control, empty soul, eternal toll
The chosen one, yet still a servant

A choice to serve the light
Turned away for I need no master
Frozen with fear then blinded with might
Pride and ego, my self-made downfall
Made the pact, became The Black, mount the attack
Heaven fell, and I see now so did I…

Eternal torment
Eternal war
Leader yet a servant
A master yet a pawn

Amass the faithful
Call unto my side
The Blackened Angel
Commands you all to rise


Come with me and we
Shall depose the king
Join the chosen one
On to victory

Time has come to choose
There’s no turning back
Crush all who oppose
We, the army black