Chronicles of Damnation

The story of the rise and subsequent fall of The Blackened Angel, from his harrowing journey into Purgatory, a pawn in the battle of good and evil and a leader of a mighty unholy army was told in two parts and available digitally in 2013. A Deluxe CD/digital release of both parts emerged in late 2013 and also contained two bonus tracks; covers of Night People by Dio and Madhouse by Anthrax.

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Deluxe Edition track listing:

  1. And So It Ends
  2. Purgatory
  3. The Gates of Hell
  4. A Figure in Black
  5. Of Wings and White
  6. Revalation, Arise
  7. The Blackened Angel
  8. Prophecy of War
  9. The Crimson Dawn
  10. Heaven’s Fall
  11. And Then there was Silence
  12. Dark Victory
  13. Campaign of Death
  14. Dissent
  15. Realisation (The Army of the Black)
  16. Civil War
  17. A Bloody End
  18. Alone
  19. Night People (Dio cover)
  20. Madhouse (Anthrax cover)

Produced by Lord Tim. Cover artwork by Moonring Design.